The Practice Rig


The practice rig was invented, when the necessity for a large 7" basher was needed for training for DRL season 4. Its build like a tank, 6mm thick carbon arms, which are also 25mm wide. 3mm thick plates and no cut outs for the rest of the pieces. Its built to last, and to bash. If you want a rig, that you wont ever break, and never have to worry about. This is the choice for you. Maybe you're learning how to fly, trying to get that new trick down, or just want to do lap after lap after pack after pack at the local race track. But you're sick of breaking those skinny little race frame arms. Pick yourself up a Practice Rig, and you'll always have at least one quad at the end of the day still flying. This one. 

Recommended build:

2408-2510 sized motors, in 1300kv: The reason for the lower KV is to force you to learn race lines. If you're always using extra power as a crutch to fly, you won't ever learn the fast way around the track. Having a slower heavier quad forces you to keep your momentum and practice good race lines. 

5s 2200mah: The larger battery helps you get as much flight time as possible. You can now full throttle for 5minutes straight. Squeezing the most practice time out of your time at the field.

7" props: Helps get those longer flight times, also that's what we race on DRL with the R4

Hobbywing G3 ESC+FC Stack: This rig is suppose to be SUPER SOLID. This stack can take a beating and keep on ripping.