Ever wanted your freestyle to be effortless? Float through the air with so much style it looked easy? Some might even say Steezy!

Well, let me introduce you to the new and improved Steez. Years ago, the original xLabs Steez was created in the dark basement of an old drone house in the front range of Colorado. Now here we are, years and years later with the Steez evolved, the Steez reborn, the new new Steez.

Project399 is bringing back an OG frame with some modern tweaks. Thick 6mm arms for extra rigidity, but skinny to allow for maximum thrust. 3mm Mid plate for that crash resistance. Don't forget about 30x30 or 20x20 stack mounting options, your choice! Its also got 20x20 mounting holes in the truck for your DJI Vista or other accessories. 


Features at a glance:

Designed for 5" but can fit 6"

118-130g depending on build

20x20 or 30x30 Stack Mounting

20x20 Accessory mounting in rear (designed for DJI Vista)

Centralized weight distribution for maximum freestyle potential

Wide X for super stable flight, especially when mountain surfing  


Buying Options:

DJI POD and ANALOG POD have built in Gopro Prong mounts to easily mount your favorite action camera. (Analog POD is designed for nano sized cameras)

FULL TOP PLATE are for the minimalists who want to run it low rider style, remember with a 20mm height you will only be able to fit a nano size camera.

BYOPod is for those who have their own printer and plan on printing their own POD.

Pod files can be found here:


Steez vs Super G, which should I buy?

If you're looking for an all out freestyle rig with great CG and handling, then the Steez is for you. You might get some props in view depending on your recording settings, but that's not what this frame is about, its about prioritizing flight performance.

If you need no props in view, and want a tried and true 5" workhorse for professional FPV work, then the Super G is better suited to your needs.